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A Knightly Tour

I recently sat in on an interview in which the candidate was given the Knight’s Tour problem.  The intent was to see how the candidate would reason about the problem.  I have to admit I’m not sure I’d do well in an interview with this problem.  Until recently I had never actually attempted to solve it myself.  The… Read More »

AngularJS Roulette

I haven’t posted in a while because work has been really busy.  I have been working a lot with AngularJS lately and I had a few incarnations of this idea.  The early attempts were more jQuery then AngularJS but I think I’m getting into the Angular mindset finally. If you have ever looked closely at… Read More »

Getting Schooled

I’m not sure how much the predators are getting schooled but the prey are using nature’s age old defense mechanism of safety in numbers. So here is a refactored version of a flocking/schooling behavioral model that I had posted on Also I had a request recently to provide the source code via GitHub. You… Read More »