Enginbeering to Dijkstra’s Algorithm

By | April 18, 2015

So we have a new tradition at my company, thanks to our new architect, called “enginbeering”.  Basically on Friday afternoons starting at 3:30 PM, a group of our engineers get together and discuss topics about technology, coding, or just some new and interesting project that we are working on, over beers of course.  It’s an awesome tradition.  It’s very cool to see how people become much more relaxed and engaged in discussions after a beer, or two.  Even folks who are usually quiet and reserved seem to get involved more.

So our new architect made a few suggested topics to start out with and he mentioned Dijkstra’s algorithm as a possible topic.  So I haven’t presented this at our enginbeering but I did try and tackle this in JavaScript.  On the Wikipedia page they have an example application of Dijkstra’s algorithm for robot motion planning.  I really liked this concept so I took that on here in JavaScript.  The path starts from a given source node to a destination node.  I chose node (1,1) as the source and (50,50) as a destination for this example and allowing for different types of barriers to avoid.  A working demo of the code is shown below and if you are interested feel free to checkout the source code code on my GitHub account in the next link.  GitHub Dijkstra

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