About Me


My name is Tim Graf.  I am a software developer in San Francisco.  I started out my career as an aerospace engineer and developed a passion for software development. I transitioned to an engineering software company, then to consulting, and then to a more traditional software development company.

My software development experience has been varied, from FORTRAN, to MATLAB, to C, to C++, to VisualBasic, to Java, to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and now I’m working with Scala. I’ve also experimented with Pyhton and PHP and I’ve done my fair share of Perl and Bash Shell scripting.

I enjoy software development and I enjoy solving problems, automating tasks, and improving processes using technology. Along with some of my professional software experiences and interests I plan to use this blog to post about my personal interests related to software development.

If you are interested here is a link to my LinkIn profile.


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